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Partner Success

At Stay22, we've been on quite the adventure, thanks to the amazing partnerships we've made along the way. We love teaming up with the coolest and most innovative creators and organizations and in the industry.

Travel Mexico Solo


"I wish I had signed up and started using Stay22 sooner because I was leaving easy money on the table without it. Soon after installing the AI Booking Agent feature (which took seconds), and letting that do its thing, I started making thousands MORE in affiliate income each month — by basically doing nothing." 

- Shelley Marmor, Founder

Travelling King


"Stay22 has consistently exceeded my expectations, with a team that goes above and beyond in assisting me at every turn. Their openness to feedback and willingness to consider new ideas truly set them apart in the industry. ”

- Samantha King, Founder

Christina In The Clouds


"As someone in the early stages of travel blogging, Stay22 has completely transformed my income. Within the first month of installing Stay22 I earned the exact same amount as I did within 9 months of using another affiliate marketing program."

- Christina Patel, Founder

Living The Dream


"The products at Stay22 help figure out my reader's needs so I don't have to, giving me more time to create content while earning from affiliates in the background.  Their unique tools, like the AI Booking Agent and Optimized Redirect, helped double my hotel earnings in just a few minutes of work!"

- Jeremy Jones, Founder

Passport And Stamps


“Stay22 has proved that they are a very good company at finding the right solution. I trust them blindfolded on this one.”

- Toti Maisto, Co-founder

Going Awesome Places


“I can ask questions and get answers. The larger companies won’t give you the time of day.”

- William Tang, Founder

Read our GoingAwesomePlaces Case Study.

The Boutique Adventurer


"Prior to joining Stay22 in 2023, I only used links from one OTA. It has been amazing to see how many bookings are now coming from other platforms, major revenue I would never have had if I did not join Stay22. And the AI Booking Agent is now 70% of my income - it is great to earn revenue from posts without explicit links."

- Amanda O'Brien, Founder

Adventures & Sunsets


"Using Stay22 is a no-brainer for bloggers. Not only do they offer more direct, responsive, and friendly support than any other affiliate network I have been a part of in 9 years, but their cutting-edge technology more than doubled my affiliate income straight away. Looking forward to seeing what they come up with next!"

- Kimmie Conner, Founder

The Navigatio


"I was a bit skeptical when I saw people stating they'd 2-3x their bookings after joining Stay22, especially since affiliates are my biggest earner on the website. However, since joining Stay22 myself, I've nearly 10x my affiliate income without having to put any more effort in. Wish I'd joined sooner!

- Nele van Hout, Founder

Blogger At Large


"I took my time switching all my accommodation links to Stay22, but shouldn't have waited. The results have been incredible and I had been leaving money on the table while I fluffed around holding some back." 

- Megan Singleton, Founder

We Seek Travel


"The integration of the AI Booking Agent onto my travel blog has been one of the easiest ways that I’ve found to increase revenue, with no negative feedback received from my readers."

- Olly Gaspar, Founder 

Maddy's Avenue


"Installing the AI Booking Agent took less than five minutes - yet that simple action has translated into hundreds of hotel bookings per year, opening up a whole new, entirely passive revenue stream for us. What's not to love about that?"
- Maddy Cornelius, Founder 

Travelling Mitch


"Stay22 has been an invaluable tool for me to generate consistent revenue for my respective sites. More than that, I take solace in the fact that Stay22 is on the cutting edge, and always looking to grow with the times, ensuring that I can continue to help my readers locate their ideal accommodation options, while reaping the benefits of that!"
- Chris Mitchell, Founder

City Sea Country


"Since signing up with Stay22, my bookings have increased by 5 times in the first month. The setup was super easy and fast, and the support team answers each and every question. I feel in good hands with Stay22."
- Christina Leutner, Founder 

Baggage and Banter


"Stay22’s products are super easy to install and setup. I’ve been thoroughly impressed with how helpful their team is and their quick response times. Stay22 has unlocked a new source of passive income for my blog!"
- Chris Koehler, Founder 

Practical Wanderlust


“Stay22 has made me more money and raised my conversion rate. Plus, I’ve found them to be better and more enjoyable to work with than a lot of the other affiliate partners.”

- Lia Garcia, Founder

Read our Practical Wanderlust Case Study.



“We’ve added Stay22 and Let Me Allez to DIVEIN.com, and it’s been a game-changer. More bookings, more commissions, and most importantly super happy readers.”

- Torben Lonne, Editor and Co-founder



"Since the beginning of the relationship with Stay22, I’ve considered MAP important, not only for us at TicketOne but also for other countries of the CTS Eventim Group.”

- Giorgio Aretino, Online Marketing & eCommerce Director

Practical Wanderlust

Partner Since 2021

As one of the most-read travel blogs in the world, Practical Wanderlust helps curious travellers embark on life-changing trips.

Read our Practical Wanderlust Case Study.

“In the end, Stay22 was willing to give us a bigger cut than other commission partners we work with. Combined with the personal touch, that was why we chose the move to Stay22’s product, Let Me Allez.”

Lia Garcia, Founder



Partner Since 2019

Ticketek is an Australian event ticketing company. Founded in 1979, the company is owned by TEG Pty Ltd with its headquarters in Sydney and operates ticketing operations for entertainment and sporting events in Australia and New Zealand.


Going Awesome Places

Partner Since 2021

Going Awesome Places is a travel blog and guide that features detailed itineraries, travel guides, packing lists, and videos to help plan your next trip.

Read our GoingAwesomePlaces Case Study.

“Stay22 essentially takes you to the top tier of their commission right away irrespective of how much volume I do in the month. I’m going to make more money this way.”

William Tang, Founder



Partner Since 2018

Established in 1998, TicketOne is the first Italian company providing ticketing, marketing, information and e-commerce services for music, entertainment, sport and culture events.
"Since the beginning of the relationship with Stay22, I’ve considered MAP important, not only for us at TicketOne but also for other countries of the CTS Eventim Group.”
Giorgio Aretino, Online Marketing & eCommerce Director

YTravel Blog

Partner Since 2021

Global travelers helping Wanderlusters create epic memories through travel!. 26 years 60+ countries. Award-winning travel blog

partner success


Partner Since 2023

Rove.me is a travel guide that suggests you the best time to visit a destination based on experiences it offers.