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Allez (Deep-Links)

Allez can be used to link from text itself to banners in websites, emails, bios, and the list goes on! Get your users going from one place to another in the most simplest form the web has ever known! 


  • Use our link generator or manually create links in batch on the fly
  • Automatic Geolocation domain (TLD) handling (for e.g redirecting to .com vs .co.uk, abritel and vrbo sister sites, etc., based on the clicking user’s location)
  • Automatic language and currency handling
  • Currently up to 2 different landing pages you can choose from (Search Results Page and Hotel Page. Or you can Link Anywhere for infinite possibilities!)
  • Add as many campaign IDs (labels) as you want
  • No adblockers or third party cookies issues
  • Links are optimized automatically for highest conversion in the market. They can redirect into different OTAs, add contextual filters, predict dates, different landing page designs inside the OTAs, and more!

Instantly convert your existent deep links in one swoop

To help ease the transition to Stay22’s Allez product from your existent deep link integration, we’re providing a tiny script that will transform all compatible links into Stay22’s Allez links. Simply copy our snippet from the Let Me Allez script. 


Smart Geofencing for TLDs

Note that we automatically detect the user’s location and redirect them to the correct TLD based on their IP address. This is to ensure that you can have a seamless experience for your users. For example, even if you generate a link to a vrbo.com site, if the user clicking is from Australia, they will be redirected to the equivalent Stayz.com.au Australian brand (with the exact same destination and listing details). This in turn increases conversion rates and makes your business more relevant to your users.



  • vrbo.com (US and international, including all languages and currency detections)
  • abritel.fr (France)
  • stayz.com.au (Australia)
  • bookabach.co.nz (New Zealand)
  • FeWo-direkt.de (Germany)


As for Booking.com, the brand only supports “booking.com” TLD internationally, but we do automatic language and currency setting for your users.



The same smart routing rules applies to Expedia.com. Expedia has over 30 TLD’s from .ca, .co.uk, and etc. You’re in good hands 👍



The same smart routing rules applies to Tripadvisor.com. Tripadvisor also has over 30 TLD’s from .fr, .ca, .co.uk, and etc.



We support redirecting from and to all subdomains for hotels.com, including hoteles.com (LATAM), and hoteis.com (Brazil).



We offer support for all KAYAK TLDs, ensuring seamless integration with your platform. Our smart routing rules apply to KAYAK as well, allowing users to be redirected to the appropriate local version of the site, such as kayak.co.jp, kayak.co.uk, and others, based on their location and preferences. The same rules for its sister sites such as Momondo, HotelsCombined, Cheapflights, Swoodoo, checkfelix, and Mundi.



The same smart routing rules applies to Trivago.com. Trivago also has over 30 TLD’s from .fr, .ca, .co.uk, and etc.


Manual generation

If you want more flexibility and scalability, you’ll have to manually enter the data and generate the links yourself. We salute you pioneers! Thankfully it’s pretty straight forward as all you have to do is fill out the missing variables. We made it manual because this is to be used on platforms and blogs with many links and it can get pretty draining if you constantly use a form.
Here’s our main suppliers and three ways to link out:
  • Booking.com
  • Vrbo (and its sister sites like Abritel, Fewo, Stayz and BookABach)
  • Expedia
  • Hotels.com
  • Tripadvisor
  • Kayak (and its sister sites like Momondo, HotelsCombined, Cheapflights, Swoodoo, checkfelix, and Mundi)
  • Trivago

A) Listing Page

If you want the user to land directly on the detail page of a listing, simply send in the provider and the listing ID, following this format:


Or using &hotelname= parameter: 

https://www.stay22.com/allez/wildcard?address=miami&hotelname=four seasons

Don’t forget to send in your AID and input your campaign! Use &address= param to improve searching when using hotelname. If you want to use PSRP (pinned search results page) instead of HDP (hotel details page), send in an address field, although our ML automatically optimizes for best landing page for you and your traveller case by case, so best not touch it!

Booking: For a Booking.com deep link, you will need the hotel ID which includes the country code like so: “us/moxy-nyc-times-square” or any of the below works:

https://www.stay22.com/allez/booking?hotelname=moxy nyc times square

Vrbo: For a Vrbo.com deep link, you will need the Room ID. Make sure the ID is from vrbo.com and not anywhere else like their affiliate websites such as Abritel.fr. If the ID contains “ha”, “vb”, “a”, “p”, etc.. make sure to include them as part of the ID. 



Expedia: For an Expedia deep link, you will need the hotel ID. It starts with the letter ‘h’ and can be found after the name of the hotel in the URL.



Hotels.com: For a Hotels.com deep link, you will need the hotel ID. It starts with the letter ‘ho’ and can be found in the URL. 



Tripadvisor: For a Tripadvisor.com deep link, you will need the hotel ID(It starts with ’d’ and can be found in the URL) or Listing ID. (It starts with g and can be found in the URL). 


B) Search Results Page

Only one required parameter is needed, and that is the location with as much information as you can into the address parameter or &lat=&lng= in case you want to use latitude or longitude:


Don’t forget to send in your AID and input your campaign!

Booking: https://www.stay22.com/allez/booking?aid=affiliateid&campaign=test&address=O2 Arena London


Vrbo: https://www.stay22.com/allez/vrbo?aid=affiliateid&campaign=test&address=Osaka Japan


Expedia: https://www.stay22.com/allez/expedia?aid=affiliateid&campaign=test&address=Halifax Canada


Hotels.com: https://www.stay22.com/allez/hotelscom?aid=affiliateid&campaign=test&address=Russian Hills, San Francisco


Tripadvisor.com: https://www.stay22.com/allez/tripadvisor/?aid=affiliateid&campaign=test&address=NewYork


Kayak: https://www.stay22.com/allez/kayak?aid=affiliateid&campaign=test&address=Bali Indonesia


Trivago: https://www.stay22.com/allez/trivago?aid=affiliateid&campaign=test&address=Hong Kong



C) Link anywhere!

If you can’t seem to find a way to link to a listing or a destination, you can always use our link generator. It’s a simple form with a few fields and it will generate a link for you. Behind the hood, it creates a link to any page on the site for your flexible needs. This is how it works:


Don’t forget to send in your AID and input your campaign!

NOTE: Make sure the URL you are pasting is encoded!


Booking: https://www.stay22.com/allez/booking?aid=affiliateid&campaign=test&link=https://www.booking.com/articles/best-places-celebrate-holi-outside-india.en.html?aid=1897788;label=v3.ckzynt8pybkjg0a90yqzaq8j7;from_articles_widget=1;force_lang=en-gb


Vrbo: https://www.stay22.com/allez/vrbo?aid=affiliateid&campaign=test&link=https://www.vrbo.com/vacation-rentals/europe/poland


Expedia: https://www.stay22.com/allez/expedia?aid=affiliateid&campaign=test&link=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.expedia.com%2FHotel-Search%3Fadults%3D2%26destination%3DSinissippi%2520Lake%252C%2520Hustisford%252C%2520Wisconsin%252C%2520United%2520States%2520of%2520America%26endDate%3D2023-03-03%26regionId%3D553248635976196482%26semdtl%3D%26sort%3DRECOMMENDED%26startDate%3D2023-03-02%26theme%3D%26useRewards%3Dfalse%26userIntent%3D


Hotels.com: https://www.stay22.com/allez/hotelscom?aid=affiliateid&campaign=test&link=https://ca.hotels.com/ho1490366240/les-lofts-dorchester-by-les-lofts-vieux-quebec-quebec-canada/

Tripadvisor.com: https://www.stay22.com/allez/tripadvisor?aid=affiliateid&campaign=test&link=https://www.tripadvisor.ca/Hotel_Review-g155032-d12294679-Reviews-Le_Mount_Stephen-Montreal_Quebec.html


Kayak: https://www.stay22.com/allez/kayak?aid=affiliateid&campaign=test&link=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ca.kayak.com%2Fpackages%2FCancun-Quintana-Roo-Mexico-Z34713%2F2024-01-11%2F2024-01-15%2F-1%2C-1%2F1%2F0%2C0%2C0%2FYMQ


Trivago: https://www.stay22.com/allez/trivago?aid=affiliateid&campaign=test&link=https://www.trivago.ca/en-CA/lm/hotel-mandarin-oriental-hong-kong?search=100-16633;101-2;101-5;101-53;101-6;101-9;dr-20230816-20230819;rc-1-2




Certain suppliers have categories that can be linked to along with special parameters. This only works if you are linking using option B (to a destination SRP). Here are the suppliers and categories that we support:

  • Booking: accommodation (soon with car, activity, package, and flight)
  • Vrbo: accommodation
  • Expedia: accommodation, flight, car, activity, package, cruise
  • Hotels.com: accommodation
  • Tripadvisor: accommodation
  • Kayak: flight, accommodation, car, transportation, package
  • Trivago: accommodation

If you’re using category=flight or category=transportation, you can also add fromiata and toiata parameters to specify the origin and destination airports. For example:


If you omit the fromiata parameter, we will automatically detect the user’s location and use that as the origin airport. If you omit the toiata parameter, we’ll use the address parameter to determine the destination’s IATA code.


Glossary of parameters

  • provider: “booking”, “vrbo”, “expedia”, “hotelscom”, “tripadvisor”, “kayak”, “trivago”

  • listing_id: the room or hotel id. Usually located inside the URL of the listing

  • address: the destination for links that will require it

  • latitude and longitude:  optional, this can be used instead of address param (for e.g: lat=50.717541&lng=-1.875141).
    Example: https://www.stay22.com/allez/booking?lat=50.717541&lng=-1.875141

  • aid: your affiliate ID. If you don’t have one, login or register your account. Looks like this &aid=affiliateid

  • campaign: Use this parameter to track each of your links’ performance (clicks, bookings). Add multiple campaigns like so: &campaign=label1&campaign=label2&campaign=label3

  • checkin && checkout: optional, if you want pass in dates, simply send in this format: &checkin=YYYY-MM-DD

  • adults && children: optional, if you want pass in guest info, simply send in this format: &adults=4&children=2

  • currency: we auto detect it, but if you must send it as &currency=EUR. This parameter is only supported by Booking.com deep links.

  • lang: we auto detect it, but if you must send it as 2 letter ISO 639-1 code like &lang=pt

  • unitid: this is for vrbo only, to specify a certain unit id (for e.g: unitid=1003656)

  • wildcard: if you want to turn off our Optimize Redirect (AI/ML) from optimizing your link (for e.g &wildcard=false)

Feedback & tech support

For immediate assistance, email your PSA, or use the chat bubble in the bottom right corner weekdays 9-5 ET.