Let Me Allez by Stay22

Save time and increase revenue with your deeplink accommodation conversions

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Be the powerhouse travel publisher you were destined to be. Update deep links, instantly start earning commissions on them again, and provide an intuitive user experience to your website visitors that they won’t soon forget!

How it works:

"Let me Allez" (LMA) is a drop-in script that converts existing hotels & accommodation links from OTA’s (and other affiliation providers!) into stay22 deep links in seconds. A super simple copy-paste script that you drop into your website header and away you go.


Automatically switch your existing links to Stay22 links in minutes, saving you time and resources. Saves time, makes money.


Monetizes missed intent of your readers and helps fill in the gaps between digesting your content and bouncing off page, keeping your readers engaged and providing something they didn’t know they needed!

Performance monitoring:

Through your personal and free to use Stay22 HUB dashboard, adding an additional layer of intel and data to you business:

  • Complete visibility, accurate and timely reporting
  • Added transparency to your partners/investors
  • Quickly change present deeplinks and start making money
  • Seamlessly redirect existing affiliate programs into a single banner
  • Can fix broken 404’s automatically either by redirecting to another provider or the destination of your article on the original OTA.
  • Automatically generate Campaign ID’s to track data
  • So what are you waiting for? Start delivering the best UX experience to your web visitors while earning commissions with Let Me Allez!


    That’s a brilliant idea you’ve got. Build it, and they will come.


    Save time by not having to recreate deep links manually.


    Keep your website speed intact with our light script.


    Get continuous updates on features automatically through the Stay22 HUB.

    Integrated LMA in September

    All with world class same-day support to assist you.


    POP is an automatic pop-up feature that displays the associated OTA. It basically acts as a “deeplink” that is triggered on already LMA-integrated pages. This functionality triggers can be toggled on/off if needed and thanks to our intuitive AI, isn’t spammy and won’t annoy your visitors.



    Why LMA POP?

    Increased conversion

    Not blocked by ad blocker

    Key benefits to your pages:

    Monetizes missed intent of web visitors

    Features 40 day no pop functionality