Stay22 Affiliates Program

Stay22 aggregates travel providers on its interactive maps to help travelers make the best & fastest travel decisions.

Our affiliate program allows you to offer your users various global travel brands, from Booking to Airbnb, via a map-centric technology that allows for more information to be digested in a single screen. Enhancing user experience, creating passive revenue streams and collecting insightful data is what Stay22 is all about, via simple & easy iframe integration.

Easy and seamless integration
Simple and fully customizable integration unlocking endless opportunities for our partners. The Stay22 map is completely free and embeddable on event confirmation pages, confirmation emails, mobile apps, social media posts and pages, event info pages, push notifications and much more, in a matter of minutes.
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Responsive & Customizable
Our map is responsive and can adapt to mobile, desktop, iOS/android. It is also fully customizable: match with your brand colors, modify currencies and languages.
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Readily available data
We offer a truly user-centric approach through access to unparalleled data. We drive intelligent growth to your business and can help you leverage data to better understand your customers. Easily access user insights through multiple data points.
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More stats

35M bookable listings
Over a 1000 partners on the platform
500K in commissions was given to partners
10.1% conversion rate
Available in 30+ countries
24/7 technical support
It's been the simplest, quickest integration we've experienced. We've got a pipeline just like any other software company - and we would have jumped the queue and implemented Stay22 a lot sooner had we known it could be done in less than half a day.
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Phil Pincton, Business Development Manager

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