Stay22 Launches its Search Bar

The Stay22 team is extremely excited to announce its latest feature release: a search bar where users can type any address or destination to discover and book hotels, Airbnbs and travel services in the vicinity of their desired location.

At Stay22, we’re always looking to simplify travel booking for events by empowering travelers and event-goers to search and find accommodations and travel services that best fit their needs. Now, users and businesses alike can benefit from our latest feature, a search bar that takes minimal space on a website and allows travelers to search and find accommodations and travel services by typing an address or destination.

How it Works

The Stay22 search bar is as versatile as the Stay22 map and be placed on event confirmation pages, confirmation emails, mobile apps, social media posts and pages, event info pages, and much more, in a matter of minutes. 

Once a user enters an address or destination in the search bar, they will be redirected to the Stay22 map, displaying all hotels, Airbnbs and travel services in the close to the desired location. 

The search bar is ideal for businesses in the travel industry who have limited real estate available on their website. The search bar brings all the functionalities of the Stay22 map, without sacrificing any space on your website. You can find how to easily integrate the new search bar by visiting our documentation page

Travelers and Partners, Rejoice

This new feature is beneficial for both travelers looking for accommodations and travel services near events and partners and businesses in the travel, ticketing and event industry.

For travelers:

  • Intuitive search bar to easily find your accommodation and travel services near your event or destination

  • All-in-one solution where you can book your accommodation and services from A to Z

For businesses:

  • Easy integration without sacrificing space on your website 

  • Generate more revenue by allowing users to book their accommodation and travel services directly from your website through our search bar

  • Improve your user’s experience on your site by offering them an effortless solution for their travel booking

We’ve created a short video overview of the new feature that you can watch below. 

New Stay22 Search Bar