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Elevate Your Earnings with
Optimized Redirect

We're excited to unveil the enhanced power of Let Me Allez: Optimized Redirect.

Take your hotel affiliate game to the next level, boost your earnings, and enhance your visitors' experience.

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    Increase Hotel Booking Earnings
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    Enhance Your Visitors' Experience
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    Effortless Integration

Increase conversion rates by up to 10.6% on hotel bookings!


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Features That Get You Results

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The Evolution of Optimized Redirect

The first version of Optimized Redirect (OR) enhanced your affiliate links with locations, making it easier for visitors to book their flights. In this update, we supercharge your hotel bookings.

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Boost Your Hotel Booking Conversions

Our A.I. studies your audience's hotel booking habits, and nudges them towards a higher converting page based on their previous behavior (see video above). Prepare for a significant increase in conversion rates.

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Booking Results That Speak Volumes

During testing, this enhancement delivered a remarkable 10.6% increase, on average, in conversion rates for hotel bookings. It's about maximizing earnings and providing an unmatched user experience.

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Our A.I. has been meticulously trained to understand your specific audience and your partner network. It determines whether your audience responds better to a Hotel Details Pages (HDP) or Pinned Search Results Pages (PSRP). Then, it seamlessly redirects your traffic accordingly, all with one goal in mind – to significantly increase your conversion rates.

Constantly Evolving

Optimized Redirect (OR) is continuously learning – and we're continuously updating it. Our goal is to keep upgrading our technology until we can increase your revenue with no effort on your part... after you partner up with us of course! So book a call will ya?

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