LetMeAllez guide

To help ease the transition to Stay22’s Allez product from your existant deep link integration, we’re providing a tiny script that will transform all compatible links into Stay22’s Allez links. This is a drop-in script, meaning you just drop it in your <head> or bottom of <body> and it will automatically work! Last updated: Apr 2023


  • All the Allez features
  • Does NOT permanently change your links. This is simply running on the client after the page is loaded. In case you want to revert, kindly remove the script and recover the links :)
  • Supports your previous campaign ids but also automatically inserts helpful campaignIds.
  • Supports for short links, dns links, or hidden/obfuscated links.
  • Attempts to fix your broken links and 404s using direct supplier APIs. Because every link and click counts.
  • Also supports to be installed on gTag manager

Adding letmeallez.js to your site

To install the script tag, copy the following code and paste it anywhere in the <body> or <head> tag on every page you need to transform the links (technically you should only need to install it ONCE globally in your footer or header file). You can even have it pasted through your Google tag manager.

Don’t forget to plug in your AID inside the script, in between the quotes! If you don’t have one, login or register your account: https://hub.stay22.com/

<!-- Let me Allez (letmeallez.js) - Stay22 -->
  (function (s, t, a, y, twenty, two) {
    s.Stay22 = s.Stay22 || {};

    // Just fill out your configs here
    s.Stay22.params = {

    // Leave this part as-is;
    twenty = t.createElement(a);
    two = t.getElementsByTagName(a)[0];
    twenty.async = 1;
    twenty.src = y;
    two.parentNode.insertBefore(twenty, two);
  })(window, document, "script", "https://scripts.stay22.com/letmeallez.js");

The script above is all you need to get those links changed automatically!

If you have Allez links already set up, this won’t affect them and we recommend using Stay22’s Allez links going forth in tandem.

In order for LetMeAllez’s script to work, we expect your links to contain the final destination. Often times, this isn’t the case due to short linking. In this case, you have to tell our script which link format it should look out for:

// Just fill out your configs here
s.Stay22.params = {
  deepStruct: [

Foregoing suppliers

You can exclude certain suppliers from being transformed. For example, if you want to exclude “booking”, and “expedia” from being converted to Stay22’s Allez, you can do so by adding the following to the script:

// Just fill out your configs here
s.Stay22.params = {
  excludes: ["vrbo", "tripadvisor"],

LMA’s current supported supplier list:

  • booking
  • expedia
  • vrbo
    • incl. abritel
    • incl. fewo-direkt
    • incl. stayz
    • incl. bookabach
  • tripadvisor
  • hotelscombined
  • hotelscom
  • kayak
    • incl. momondo
    • incl. cheapflights
    • incl. swoodoo
    • incl. checkfelix
    • incl. mundi

Redirecting Rules

  • Hotelscombined links will be redirected to booking.com
  • Everything else will be redirected to its respective supplier’s website
  • If the link is broken, we will attempt to fix it using the supplier’s API or fallback to search results
  • We always optimize for geograhical location of the user (e.g: if you’re in the UK, we’ll redirect you to the UK version of the supplier’s website even if your link is originally from the US)


Pop is specifically designed for travel content creators. We enable these popups by default to help boost your revenue. In accordance with our supplier’s terms and to ensure a seamless user experience, our popups appear only when there is user interaction and clear intent to travel. This minimizes disruption to the user experience while still providing helpful content for your visitors. We don’t recommend turning off this feature, as it is tailored to maximize both user satisfaction and affiliate revenue.

Our machine learning algorithms determine the most relevant supply to display based on factors such as the content of the page, destination, user relevance, and the specific service required (accommodation, flight, car, etc.). This ensures that the popups we display are tailored to each user’s needs and interests, further enhancing their browsing experience on your site.

All LMA suppliers mentioned above participate in our Pop product. Different devices and browsers may have different behaviors. We recommend testing it out on your site to see how it works or view our demo. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Feedback & Tech support

Stay22 hasn’t been too long around and we’re still learning! So we’re looking for any type of comments and feedback to improve it. Email us at hello@stay22.com.
For immediate assistance, use the chat bubble in the bottom right corner to reach us faster (Weekdays 9t5 Montreal Time)!