Full-fledged accommodation solution

Provide accommodation from a web page, from a post-checkout page or even from an outgoing e-mail.

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Easy integration
Copy-paste a line of <code> to your website and voilà! Accommodation fast & easy.
Track and collect data
Find out where your users stay, where they're coming from and for how long! Export your data as a CSV.
Build your map with your colors and your logo. You can even add your room blocks to it.
Enhance user experience
The only solution in the industry to provide both Airbnbs & hotels.
Maximize revenue growth
We share revenue with you to help your business grow to the next level.
Save time and labour costs
Easy to integrate in under 5 minutes and a simple on-boarding process.

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"It was easy to set-up and get on our site!"
Learn how INFORMS meetings built a better user experience by providing easy lodging to their attendees.
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