Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions we’re asked most often. Don’t see an answer to your question here? Contact us via our live chat and we’ll be happy to help!

How much does Stay22’s solution cost?

The solution comes at no charge to all types of users. Always free, In fact we share revenues with you to feature us.

How does Stay22 make money?

While we provide the solution at no cost, our business model is purely based on the commission we earn from each booking made through the map. This model excludes bookings made through manually added hotel partners, i.e. redirecting to the hotel’s website.

Who are your accommodation partners?

Our current accommodation partners include Airbnb, TravelPort, HotelPlanner, and HotelsCombined (which aggregates listings from the largest suppliers, such as Expedia,, Priceline, etc.).

How many listings do you have?

We pride ourselves on having one of the largest and most diverse inventories worldwide with over 6 million listings in over 200 countries.

Do you provide the best prices online?

We work hard to ensure that event travelers benefit from the lowest prices at all times through our accommodation partners.

Is there a whitelabel solution?

Yes, there is. Please contact us through our live chat to go over the whitelabel solution with one of our team members.

How exactly does the map work?

The map can be integrated almost any place online:

  • On an event website, in the travel section
  • On a ticketing platform, in the confirmation page
  • On an event management software, as a plug-in
  • On an email, in a newsletter or a reminder

Anyone interacting with the map is a potential traveler seeking accommodation
near the event they’re attending or destination they’re heading to. Upon selecting the
preferred listing, the attendee will be directed to the proper booking website to finalize their booking.

How do I generate a map as an event organizer?

Generating a map can be done in under 5 minutes. Once you fill out the form with your event information and brand designs, you’re ready to go.

How do I integrate my map onto my event website?

Once your line of code is generated, you will need to copy-paste it to the body of your website. If you need help with that, feel free to reach out to us for assistance.

How long does it take to integrate 1 map?

It takes 5-10 minutes to integrate the map into your website once you’ve generated your iframe code. Generate your map for free

Where would I integrate my map on my event website?

We encourage event organizers to integrate the map where the attendee would expect to get travel information on the website. Most importantly, promote the map on your social channels and reminder newsletters, since not all attendees tend to check the travel section of the website. They’ll appreciate the convenience.

How do I generate multiple maps at once for my website/platform?

You won’t need to generate multiple maps – we provide you with a single URL with dynamic parameters in the Docs page. All you need to do is feed the URL the venue address and dates, then the map will be ready to integrate across all your pages. Furthermore, you can add/remove extra parameters based on your display preferences.

How do I Integrate multiple maps at once for my website/platform?

Once you plug in your desired parameters for the map, insert the code to the place where you’d like the map to be displayed. We have a quick-start guide located on our Docs page.

As a ticketing platform, where would I integrate my maps?

Based on our observations of our ticketing platform customers, we recommend integrating maps into the confirmation page for purchased tickets, confirmation emails, and/or reminder emails.

What if I have a room block (open & closed)?

If you have a room block (open & closed) you can still benefit from using our map. You may choose to feature your room block on the map, exclusively, in order to drive your attendees to book there. Once the block is filled, you can toggle the rest of the listings to allow your attendees to book everywhere else.

What if I have a hotel sponsor?

Depending on your contractual situation, you can display your hotel sponsor(s) on the map. This will drive traffic to the hotel sponsor(s) and enable your attendees to book directly with them, while strengthening your sponsorship relationship.

Why is my hotel or listing not showing up in the map?

You’ll have to contact us if a hotel is not showing up. If you have a house or an apartment or a boutique hotel, then list it on Airbnb for free using this link. We work very closely with them and as soon as your rental is published, it should go live on Stay22 as well

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