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Stay22 allows you to have your free accommodation widget on your website in less than 5 mins

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HTML Snippet to paste for CES or get your own for your event
<iframe id="stay22-widget" width="100%" height="328" src="https://www.stay22.com/embed/ces-2017" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

How it works

1. List

Fill in your event details, choose your location, and voilà—your widget is ready for action!

2. Display

A good practice is to embed the widget directly on your event website. Your attendees will love need the convenience.

3. Accommodate

No more headaches trying to do deal with your attendee's accommodation, just you and your event. Throw one without a hitch.

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Traveler's hesitation

Currently the participants that are attending your events spend on average 17 days between the moment they want to book and the moment they actually book a stay for your event.

Frustrating accommodation booking experience

Your out-of-town attendees try to find the best accommodation around your event. But they usually don't know the city well, so they end-up visiting on average 21 websites before booking. And they are still not sure they got the best deal, at the best location, at the best price.

Time wasted

Your staff currently spend weeks identifying and dealing with potential partner hotels. And your attendees are still not sure that they are getting the best deal and will end up wasting time on hotel search engines before booking.

Money wasted

Not only is time wasted dealing with hotels, but booking blocks can be a potential sunk cost if unfilled. Plus your hotels are not usually displayed ideally on your website with old school text based solutions.

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Stay22 offers a free Hotel/Airbnb widget for websites and apps that works around the world. It's embeddable anywhere, whether it's directly on a landing page, a checkout page or in a confirmation email in a couple minutes.

Powerful Metasearch

Save your attendee's time with our one stop shop solution to book the right hotel or apartment around your event. And save them money as they can see ALL available accommodation with accurate prices and availability set to the time of your event.

Fully Customizable

From changing the map style and interface to preselecting filters; customize what you want to show to your attendees, the way you want it.

Easy Breezy

From a small <iframe> widget, to a simple copy-paste solution in less than 5 minutes. No special IT skills needed. As easy as embedding a YouTube video.


Yes FREE. If you need some extra special customization, such as featuring a custom hotels inventory, check out our extensible documentation or please reach out to us with your request.

It takes one minute..

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