These changelogs reflect the history of Stay22's map features

Rev 188 01/16/2017

Fixed many bugs and major performance improvements

Improved mobile experience

Added a redirect page to increase conversion rate for bookings

Hovering on price pins gives more info about the property now

Rev 151 08/15/2016

Added error logging in the client-side when you try to use the API and feed it invalid data

Rev 131 07/18/2016

Lot's of bugs fixed, stability ensured..and having an uptime better than PokemonGo's servers. Also some API changes:

  • Added referrer to track widget source (useful for debugging.
  • Added currency. You can now set a default currency (if not, it's auto detect based on the user's locale)

Rev 125 06/20/2016

Switched data to HotelsCombined instead of Airbnbs. And few other notable changes to note:

  • Changed default navbarcolor value from dark blue to light red
  • Switched ishotelonly and isairbnbonly. To disable accomodation, use disablehotels or disablerentals
  • Added HomeAways

Rev 123 03/19/2016

Revamped the generate your hotel widget page. Also fixed the API downtime issues.

  • Switched shouldeta to disableeta for POIs. Now the direction render on hover will always show unless set otherwise.
  • Removed markerheight. The map uses CSS3 trasform property to properly determine its position

Rev 122 02/14/2016

Mostly fixes and improvements. Also upgraded to Airbnb's new v2 API! Meaning more accurate results.

  • Switched canscroll to disablescroll
  • Added forcedisablescroll if you want to disable the automatic user intent to enable scrolling again.
  • Added eventstart and eventend if you want Stay22 to automatically decide when is the best time to check in and check out.

Rev 117 01/17/2016

There is now a fallback if the address or latLng has not been found/resolved

stay22 addresss not found fallback

Rev 116 01/14/2016

Hotels are temporarily turned off. We added a feature to add you custom hotels and POIs instead

  • Added hotels parameter
  • Added poi parameter

Rev 115 01/05/2016

Added a bunch of new parameters for the widget

  • Removed menuposition param, please use hidenavbar=true and hidenavbuttons=false to hide the top navbar but want to leave the buttons visible
  • Added fontcolor parameter
  • Added showgmapsicon to help the user open the map in Google faster gmaps icon stay22