Why Stay22 Will Take You to the Next Level in 2020

The year is well under way and you are on a roll planning, organizing, marketing your event, concert or conference. While the event itself must be perfect, your attendees will need to come to you and stay for a night or more. Where are your guests staying? In which hotel or lodging are they sleeping? Did you know that Stay22’s contextual map is your best B2B2C solution also enabling you to have a new revenue stream through affiliation? Here’s why Stay22 will take you to the next level in 2020.

What Is Stay22?

Stay22 provides an accommodation map built to help businesses provide their clients and consumers a stress-free booking experience. The map acts as a widget that you can seamlessly integrate into your website and customize according to your brand and strategy. Whether your guests are coming for a concert, an event, a conference or meetings, the interactive map pinpoints a location and compiles all available lodging options nearby, from hotels to Airbnb rooms and apartments.

An Easy to Integrate Interactive Map

No need for a master coder to integrate the interactive map to your website or event’s page. You can easily use the Stay22 self-serve option or, if you are in a bigger organization with the technical resources and with multiple events per year, deploy the wide-scale integration, allowing you to create multiple maps. The interactive map can also be added as is or with the search bar, making it easier for your attendees to look for a specific lodging option within their budget and favorite location. Our partners include Airbnb, Booking.com, Hotel Planner, Kayak, giving plenty of beds available in your city. Not convinced yet? Find out how Ticketsource enhanced its event page UX in only two hours with Stay22!

New Stay22 Search Bar

Stay22 maps are fully customizable. They can be modified to fit your brand colours, include your logo and preferred hotels, if any. You can change the language settings and the currency in which your guests view nightly prices. See what Stay22 would look like for your event. Our affiliate map tool is responsive; it adapts to desktop, mobile iOS or Android. The customization isn’t limited to just design, the Stay22 map can be integrated in a variety of channels such as your newsletter, push notifications, emails or even promoted on social media.

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Increase Your Revenues With the Stay22 Affiliation Program

Using the Stay22 map does not only simplify your guests’ experience before the event, it increases your revenues. How? You get a commission every time an attendee books through the integrated map. It is a perfect complementary solution to room blocks!

Did we mention it’s free of charge and has a 16% conversion rate? See how much that would represent for your company by using the revenue calculator. As February 2020, Stay22 has given back $500,000 in commissions to their partners. What are you waiting for to start earning additional event revenue today?

Easy Tracking, Insights and Affiliate Reports

Stay22 provides you with a dashboard to track income and bookings. It is the easiest new revenue stream you can think of. You will be able to have access to insights such as your attendees’ locations, length of stays, compare travel habits (hotels vs. Airbnb for example), how close to the event they’re staying, and their average budget spent on accommodation. The dashboard provides you with an infinite amount of data about your customers, helping you adapt to their needs with time. We all know how important smart data collection is in 2020 and how valuable it can be to ensuring continuous improvement of quality and satisfaction for your target market and audience.

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Stay22’s Inventory: A Multitude of Options Near Your Event

What if your attendees want to stay in an apartment, sleep in a boutique hotel, an inexpensive guesthouse? Stay22 has one of the largest inventories at hand, ready for them to pick from, whatever their needs and preferences! The free accommodation widget provides your guests with all the possible options in your city: hotels, apartments, parking, restaurants, car rental and even experiences near the venue. It is a turnkey solution for all business travelers and even leisure concert goers, for example! Stay22’s interactive map is available in more than 220 countries with 35 million bookable listings to choose from.

A Better User Experience for Enhanced ROI

A better user experience increases customer loyalty and retention, period. Nowadays, we are all bombarded with ads, pop-ups, fake news… Whenever our experience is positive on a website, we remember it and come back to it voluntarily.

Using Stay22 facilitates the attendees’ booking experiences. Within the same page, they can book their tickets to your event and browse available rooms around the venue. It is hassle-free, easy, convenient, making you the go-to site for all their future events in town. And remember, if customers are coming back to you, you’re guaranteed a better ROI and revenues from affiliation.

Why Trust Stay22?

Stay22 is trustworthy and will become an invaluable partner for all your event and planning needs and deliverables! In 2019, 100,000 travelers found a place to stay, will your guests be part of the numbers in 2020? Recognized by the City of Montreal as the best innovative company for the Parcours Innovation PME and finalist to the 2020 Jumpstarter Global Pitch Competition, Stay22 is the company you want to work with this year and the next! Travel Massive named Stay22 in its “50 Travel Startups To Watch In 2020” and the company won the “Disruptor of the year” prize at TheTicketingBusiness Awards 2019.

Read what others have said about us and their experience with our turnkey solution to making your user experience better while increasing your revenue at no extra cost to you!

To sum up, Stay22’s a free widget for travel accommodation and solutions:

  • Easy
  • A new revenue stream for your company
  • Efficient
  • Great to increase user experience
  • Trustable

The world of technology changes quickly and Stay22 is very responsive adapting through today’s new algorithms and APIs. The team is devoted to help you achieve your goals with your clients and take you to the next level in 2020 without slowing down your event page, your website or your app.

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