Intix is an international ticketing association connecting industry professionals to encourage innovation and the sharing of ideas and experiences. The Intix community embraces the idea of change – a consistent force in the industry – in order to create new experiences, use cutting-edge technology, and find solutions to bring value to their respective companies. In just a few weeks, Intix will host its 40th annual conference, Intix 2019, A Texas Roundup: Technology & Hospitality, January 29-31. With over a thousand industry professionals slated to attend the workshops, lectures and discussions, it’s no wonder Intix has such a powerful impact on the ticketing industry.

A Meeting of the Minds

Intix brings together professionals from across the event industry – from arts, sports and entertainment events, to representatives from public venues and institutions. These individuals have roles in sales, marketing, finance and technology. Vendors are another important segment of Intix members, as they provide the technology and materials for the ever-changing event landscape. While ticketing professionals benefit through networking with one another, the opportunity to meet with vendors, attend workshops and participate in discussions alongside them is also valuable.

The burgeoning start-up scene comes into play at Intix too, as veteran professionals and long-standing companies can share experiences with those just entering the scene. Through relationship building among passionate professionals, company and career advancement are key benefits to Intix membership and conference attendance. Moreover, start-ups pushing the boundaries of what is expected from an event, from ticketing technology to RFID wearables, can share their outlooks with the veterans. All in all, Intix membership and, especially, attendance to its conferences, means innovation in the event industry.

Learning & Innovation

The network created through Intix allows for learning opportunities among event professionals and vendors. Ticketing professionals learn about products from vendors, while vendors gain insight into the challenges facing the event industry. For example, Stay22, a company providing a solution for event travelers, will be in attendance at the Intix conference this January. Stay22 offers a vastly improved user-experience for accommodation booking. Its solution is a venue-centric accommodation map enabling direct access to bookings, from hotels to Airbnbs. The easily integrated map provides a new source of income for ticketing platforms with little effort from the development pipeline. The professional relationships this company, and others, will build with event industry professionals will be mutually beneficial. The insight garnered on both sides speaks to the significant impact Intix has on innovation and cooperation in the event industry.

The best practices shared through Intix are an important driver for change in the event industry, as individuals and companies implement new ideas and technology acquired through Intix events. In an ever-changing and ultra-competitive industry, Intix exists as a supportive network, encapsulating the spirit of shared knowledge for the goal of creating positive experiences and further innovation.

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