Stay22 Presents ‘The HUB’

The Montreal-based startup launches its Foundation for the Future

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It’s finally here!!

We are excited to officially introduce to the world: The HUB.

What is The HUB? It’s Stay22’s new center designed for partners to carry out all of their activity with the solution, from beginning to end! Whether it’s setting up, generating a map, monitoring their performance or cashing in their profits, it can now all be done in one place The HUB! We have integrated all of our services into one place.

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True to startup nature, we’ve adapted to life’s curveballs so when COVID threw a wrench in our product roadmap, we saw this as an opportunity. Taking the downtime as a chance to improve our product, we looked at our old partner dashboard and saw that we could do better. With that thought in mind, The HUB was born as a way to serve our partners best interests and necessities.

The HUB will now offer them a range of features to help them manage their accounts efficiently, as well as provide important data insights on their campaigns so that they can successfully track their performance. We’ve also taken this time to update and integrate new services into our solution to bring it to the next level, which means more revenue stream options for our partners. Some of the services you can now expect from Stay22 and find in The HUB include: parkings, restaurants, points of interests and much more!

Why is The HUB so exciting for Stay22 and its partners? In the words of our CEO & Co-Founder Andrew Lockhead:

‘As Stay22 grows we want to make sure our partners can grow alongside us. The HUB is our way of offering them the tools necessary to do this. Stay22 is continuously learning and improving from the data and information our solution gathers. We believe our partners should also benefit from this, which is why we developed The HUB. It’s our way of sharing these insights with them through a set of diverse features that our partners now have access to. It’s about creating a Foundation for the Future for Stay22 and its partners.’

Stronger together!! As a partner, what should you expect from The HUB?:

If you are or are planning on becoming a Stay22 partner, then what should you be expecting from The HUB?

As our CEO mentioned above, we want to offer you a set of tools to help you make the most out of your Stay22 partnership. The right information can help you make smarter decisions, and as a result, become an opportunity to grow your business and profits. The HUB is our way of sharing this information with you in an organized way. Here is what you should expect from The HUB:

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  • Clear and concise data! Track all of your map stats, see how they are performing, and identify where you can do better!

  • New ‘Industry’ and ‘Segment’ fields, which in a near future will provide you with the opportunity to easily benchmark against others in your industry!

  • A more visual Dashboard where you will see your performance at a glance through graphs. PLUS, soon you’ll be able to tailor your dashboard to information relevant to you!

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  • A new sleek design! The HUB will present to you an intuitive design that makes exploring through the data an easy and seamless experience.

  • Faster loading time! Something you will definitely enjoy as you navigate through your account, track your maps, or cash in your profits in the blink of an eye!

  • New refreshed and improved ‘Add Your Event’ design so that you can generate maps quicker than ever with no confusion!

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  • PLUS an improved payments history table that makes tracking and extracting your profits easier than ever before!

What comes next?

We call The HUB the foundation of the future because that’s exactly what it is. Our team is always committed to bringing innovation into the lives of our partners, and we plan on doing this by developing and updating new features into the platform as we evolve as a company. How will we achieve this? By listening to our partners needs and feedback to integrating them into future features of The HUB. In fact, our product team is already hard at work on some of these new projects that we hope to be rolling in quite soon. So stay tuned!!

The HUB is our way of showing to the world that we will continue to place our partners first. They are a big reason we are where we are right now, and we want to thank them through a great experience.

‘Our goal is to be around for a long time,’ Andrew Lockhead promises, side by side with our partners, through all the challenges the future may bring.’

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