Stay22 brings its solution and GPX technology to Randobel’s trails

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Montreal, Quebec, 16th of December: Stay22 has partnered with the Belgian hiking platform Randobel to help its users find the best accommodation for their selected trails with the help of GPX technology.

What’s GPX technology?

GPX is a common GPS data format that allows you to showcase trails and routes. Stay22 integrates this into its solution to show different accommodation options and travel services on a selected route. This feature is incredibly valuable for platforms like Randobel who display trails for hiking, cycling…etc, which can now offer a superior experience and service to its users. As Christophe Dohn, Founder of Randobel states:

‘Adding GPX files is very practical for a hiking platform like Randobel. Our users can find nearby accommodation around the trail and better plan their trip.’

Dohn later expanded on why a partnership with Stay22 made sense for Randobel; ‘Stay22 helps us offer an additional service to our users while also providing a new revenue stream for our organization. Additionally embedding and configuring Stay22 was super easy.

Meanwhile, for Stay22, Randobel is the perfect partner to show the versatility of its solution and continue to help as many users as possible make the best and smartest travel decisions. As its CEO Andrew Lockhead describes; ‘We are seeing a shift towards experience-based travel as we move towards 2021, with activities like hiking and cycling being particularly prominent. This partnership is special to us as Randobel allows Stay22 to meet this new user behavior and continue solving their travel needs.’

About STAY22

Stay22 is a venue-centric map-based solution that helps event-goers make the best & fastest travel decision by displaying travel services such as accommodation, parking, and restaurants. Stay22 offers more than 60 million bookable listings ranging from hotels, rentals & Airbnbs, in over 220 countries and territories. Since its creation in 2016, Stay22 has partnered with over 10,000 event organizers and ticketing platforms to offer travelers and event-goers a seamless booking experience.


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