Stay22 & BrewStubs partner to bring to the world a new way to experience craft beer & breweries

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Montreal, Quebec, June 16th, 2020 - BrewStubs, an online marketplace for craft beer, and Stay22, a solution that offers accommodation & travel services, unite forces through a partnership that introduces a new way to experience craft beer. Both startups are taking the concept of a ‘bar crawl’ and transforming it into a new type of experience-based travel. Through their respective technologies people now have a way to plan their bar crawl from the comfort of their own home by: discovering new breweries; browsing through a catalogue of unique craft beers; selecting and pre-purchasing said drinks; and booking a comfortable, convenient and budget-friendly accommodation.

Andrew Lockhead, CEO and Co-Founder of Stay22 had this to say about the partnership: ‘User experience has always been at the heart of Stay22, it’s the main catalyst behind every important decision we make. We had our start in events, but we want to bring our technology to other types of experiences. I love what Brewstubs brings to the table, it merges culture, technology and introduces a new way to get to discover local breweries. From Stay22 we want to help Brewstub users find accommodations and services around their favorite breweries, in order to help them have a more complete and innovative way to enjoy beer.

As for BrewStubs CEO and Co-Founder David Sher, he sees this alliance as follows, “Andrew and the fantastic team at Stay22 have built an amazing tool that aggregates lodging around a specific place or purchase from a location. We’re excited to move this tech into the recreational beverage space, and provide our users an enhanced experience. The more options, recommendations, and unique experiences we can provide the craft beer enthusiasts, is always a win win.”

Introducing BrewStubs:

BrewStubs is the first to introduce ‘Digital Drinks.’ BrewStubs is an online marketplace for craft beer lovers to discover, search for, and pre-purchase their favorite craft beverages. With the ability to list beer, merch, food and experiences, consumers can now reserve and buy before they visit. How it works is each product listed on the platform has a brewstub associated with it. Consumers are able to purchase these BrewStubs, which are then redeemed at the brewery or event. We know there’s an increasing demand for unique experiences, and breweries are constantly looking for ways to sell more beer. BrewStubs addresses both of these with our easy to search and purchase solution. Now beer enthusiasts have a ‘go to’ platform that helps them find and purchase beer easier and faster, while breweries have another revenue source on a platform dedicated to their industry.

What is stay22?

Stay22 is the map based solution which helps event-goers make the best & fastest travel decision by displaying travel services such as: accommodation, parking and restaurants. Stay22 offers more than 60 million bookable listings in over 220 countries and territories. Since its creation in 2016, Stay22 has partnered with over 10,000 event organizers and ticketing platforms to offer travelers and event-goers a seamless booking experience.