Optimizing Your Event Page for Better Sell Through

It’s no secret, organizing an event involves a lot of work. Beyond logistics, you obviously hope a lot of people will hear about it and attend. Other than social media and traditional advertising, there is one simple and yet often forgotten step to implement: optimizing your event page for better sell through. Don’t worry, it isn’t as complicated as it sounds! We have prepared a list of content marketing and SEO steps to make sure your event is seen and, most importantly, sells.

Optimizing Your Event’s Page Through Content Marketing

There are multiple methods to help you drive traffic to your event’s page through content marketing. The average amount of time a customer spends reading an article is around eight seconds, spent mostly on the top 20% of a page. Keep this in mind when working on the content description of your event.

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Create a Content Plan

The first step to take in your content marketing strategy is to establish a content list. Plan ahead and decide what your key messages, ideas, and pieces of content are going to be. Choose three to five core messages that focus on what differentiates your event from others and list content ideas that emphasize that goal. Focus on your main objectives and refer to them as you build a list of content and resources for the weeks leading up to your event.

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Share Shorter Pieces of Content Often

Knowing who your audience is and what interests them is key. Create short pieces of content (less than 300 words) shared on a regular basis that can be seen and remembered by your followers, whether it be on a subpage of your event site or on a section of your page. Combine your core message with a quick call to action to capture their attention and entice readers into converting.

Personalize and Tailor Content

According to a study by Yieldify, 63% of consumers expect you to know what their preferences are. This means that content has to target the right people with the right type of information or entertainment value at the right time within the sales cycle. In a world where we are shown thousands of images and content pieces per hour, how will you make sure your event reaches the right crowd of people? We mentioned this in our Stay22 map 2020 Trends to Watch Out for in the Event Industry article: customized, tailored and personalized content is crucial.

That same study reveals that 51% of consumers surveyed say “search channels” are driving them to their purchase. Improve your customers’ experience by suggesting where to stay, park or eat around your event with Stay22’s interactive map.

Remember, creating content will drive organic traffic to your event website, influencing visitor conversions into registrations.

Optimizing your Event’s Page Through SEO

To appear organically in speaker, attendee and media searches, you not only need good content, but also accurate, researched and specific SEO keywords integrated throughout your page.

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Name your Event Properly

The main keyword of your event page should be its name, period. If you are thinking of having multiple events under the same name, make sure to label each of them to be easily found and differentiated by your clients. The next step is to incorporate that keyword efficiently onto your event’s page or website. This will help you rank in search results and sell those tickets. Also think of including secondary keywords people may be searching for, like a summer music festival or winter carnival.

Think of Mobility and Security

Apart from boosting your happenings with keywords and weekly content, your page needs to perform well. Nowadays, if your page isn’t easily accessible on a mobile device (what we call mobile friendly) and secured, you might lose a sale. You want your visitors to experience the best buying cycle and path and you also want your friend Google to be on your side, avoiding penalties for a slow, unsecured page. For example, your site should be compatible with the https protocol and have a secure page for payment options, respecting international standards for data transactions.

Optimizing your event’s page is important not only to sell out tickets but also to get your brand recognized by potential customers through time, for the next edition or year of your happening. Take time to sit, analyze and jot down a defined strategy. Avoid putting all your eggs in the same basket; aim to share your content on a variety of channels and encourage your fans and customers to invite their friends to adhere, visit the page or media, and therefore allure them into buying tickets Looking for more ways to create and put on the best event possible? Make sure to read Stay22’s blog section for insights and tips that will help you become THE reference in your event sphere! What have you found key to helping you stand out in your clientele’s research?

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