Event travelers exist within the overlapping area of event-goers and leisure travelers. These event-goers travel from out of town for the sole purpose of attending an event. While they might categorize their reasons for traveling as “pleasure,” their intention is much more specific, be it a sports game, music concert or festival, conference, or monster truck rally. This population straddles inclusion in two types of audiences, and is rarely prioritized or catered to.

Travelers have needs – be it an all-inclusive hotel with activities for children, or a shuttle from the airport. Event travelers have even more specific ones.

When event travelers make the decision to purchase event tickets out of town, their thought process is: “Why not make a weekend out of it?” These thoughts are quickly followed by further planning to round out activities and logistics in accordance with the details of the main event. At this point, when the intention to purchase is high, ticketing platforms will be well-served to provide such information.

Curating to the event traveler

First and foremost, event travelers will seek accommodation nearby the event they are traveling out of town to attend. Planning is made easy when ticketing platforms provide the event details on their website, include location, accommodation and transportation information. Is there a campground on-site? A shuttle bus to and from the event to specific points in the city? What is the price of parking, and is it suggested? From this information, an event traveler will likely seek accommodation nearby the event or the easiest transportation points.

For ticketing platforms, one way to further simplify this process for the event traveler is to implement the Stay22 map. The map-based accommodation system gives event travelers a view of the event venue location, showcasing potential booking opportunities in the area, including travel times to and from the venue. Once attendees filter for accommodation price and type – including hotels, Airbnbs and other alternative accommodation – they are directed to the booking page. The integration process for the Stay22 map takes only minutes in the development pipeline, and ticketing platforms benefit immediately from each booking through a commission-based model.

To further cater to event traveling audiences, event ticketing websites can also include information on other activities in the event’s town or city, restaurants nearby the venue and any other information from which their traveling audiences might benefit.

Deciding the future of event travel

These factors significantly influence decision-making for the potential event-goer. They have the opportunity to persuade an individual to travel for an event again, or dissuade them from doing so due to a difficult planning experience. Moreover, these details represent areas where ticketing platforms can gain reputations for great customer experience and where ticketing platforms can create a new source of income.

Playing to this distinct audience will make event travel easier and more popular in the future. Empower attendees to make the event about more than just the main attraction. Why not make a weekend out of it?

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