Event Organizers: How and when should you promote your accommodation

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Why Promote Stay22 Maps Within Your Event Strategy?

You’ve decided on a date, place, schedule and speakers; your event is ready to go! As an organizer who uses the Stay22’s solution you also have to include promoting your event map as part of your marketing strategy.To help you make the most out of your map, we’ve written up this guide on how and when to promote your accommodation. A good strategy is not only a great way to increase fulfillment, but sales and even ROI! Here are some practical tips and tricks to assist you in making sure your maps are an intricate part of your marketing strategy!

Best Practices to Promote Your Stay22 Maps Within Your Marketing Strategy:

Your Stay22 maps are up and running, ready to help your attendees during their booking process. Don’t let them simply rest on your sign-up page, promote them, get the word out and show your guests you’re there to support them. Here’s how!

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Emailing Roadmap:

Certain visitors to your event page might not have noticed the Stay22 map as they weren’t at that stage of their trip planning when they viewed it. Make sure you don’t miss out on their business by letting them know they can find amazing lodging and neighbouring services through your map when they’re ready.

To do so:

  • Include your map in most of your promotional emails whether they’re teasers, sign up initiatives, or confirmation emails.
  • Don’t forget the power of newsletters! Add it to your weekly or monthly newsletters.
  • Remind them in an email to book their accommodation and include the map as a center focus.
  • Not only are maps attractive and visual, but they help you achieve your financial targets while keeping the attendee at heart!

We recommend starting a promotional email campaign between 45-30 days before your event to maximize results.

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Social Media Promotion:

Nowadays, community and social media management simply can’t be ignored within a marketing strategy for any type of event. When sharing your gathering on social media:

  • Take the opportunity to include your accommodation maps, a great way to self-promote without actually seeming to do so.

Not sure what you should be sharing? Here are some sample texts you can use:

  • ‘[Your Event name] is providing you with hotels, Airbnbs and other travel services at the best prices available online. Book your trip now!’
  • ‘Let us simplify your planning! Hotels and Airbnbs near [Your Event name]. Book your stay now!’
  • ‘Ready to book? Find cheap hotels or Airbnbs near [Your Event Name].’

Our recommendation would be to start a promotional campaign between 30-15 days before the start of the event, or before if it’s an annual event people generally book months ahead of time.

Who knew boosting ticking sales, increasing satisfaction and overall event experience, helping attendees find perfect accommodation, and improving your event profitability could be achieved so simply and at no extra cost to you? To learn more about how you can optimize your map, improve your sales or learn how to track the success of your content campaigns, contact partners@stay22.com.

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