Best Apps to Conquer the Event World

As you have read in our article Stay22 map 2020 Trends to Watch Out for in the Event Industry, technology is more relevant than ever in the event planning world. Whether it’s to better organize, check-in, connect, share, or to distract your attendees, we have listed some of the best apps out there help you master event planning.

App to Organize your Event

TopTable Planner

Seating charts have always been a nightmare for you? TopTable Planner comes to the rescue. Drag-and-drop tables and guests to maximize your floor plan for your event, banquet or wedding. Import your guest list from Word or Excel, choose your table type and number of seats, and start playing around. Work on any device and easily share your plan with your team, suppliers and client. Give it a go with the 7-day free trial.

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Courtesy of TopTable Planner

App to Manage Check-in


Organizing a large event? Boomset is the best application to help you manage all those guests checking in at once. With your phone, reduce lines with fast check-in through QR code or with facial recognition technology. Administer session access or attendance with RFID/UHF/NFC and use the web platform to create customized badges and wristbands.

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Courtesy of Boomset

Apps to Connect Attendees

CrowdCompass AttendeeHub

When your event includes multiple seminars, the CrowdCompass AttendeeHub app helps participants go through the schedule, choose what interests them and plan their time. Above it all, it helps attendees correspond with one another before and during the conference.

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Courtesy of CrowdCompass AttendeeHub
Pathable Event Connect

Pathable is another way to connect your event’s participants with one another at every given moment from registration to after-parties. On the app you will find community forums, private meeting scheduling, personalized agendas, exhibitor listings, trade show floor maps, and attendee profiles.

Fun Apps


WeChain quickly became popular for its main feature: the real-time projection of attendees’ pictures. Whether you are at a birthday party, a corporate event, or a wedding, WeChain gives you the opportunity to create a private and secure social network for your gathering. Have guests upload their best pictures and display them live on a screen. A fun way to encourage participants to snap every moment and foster engagement.


MeetingPlay has a lot of features and is one of the most customizable apps on the market. You will be impressed by options like chatbots, games, proximity sensing, AI and AR, all this in a very user-friendly interface. For example, have attendees ask questions during a talk directly through their phone instead of passing the microphone! The app also provides event details and programming.

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Courtesy of MeetingPlay

Interactio Translation App

In certain international events, people don’t always speak the same language. This is the new way to allow everyone to enjoy a talk, minus the cost of hardware. Interactio app facilitates multilanguage translations through Wi-Fi connection, without needing a specialized interpreter and headset. Ready to get your happening rolling? Let us know which apps you use to facilitate your events! Comment below to share which ones you love. You may also like to read the following articles to learn more about Stay22’s tips and tricks to make your event planning easier: