Event planners work hard to craft the perfect website to provide their attendees with the information they need to feel prepared and excited for their upcoming event – from schedules and themes, to important dates. But what about travel? With summer vacations in mind, here are four essential items that all event websites should incorporate to best serve their audiences.

1. Transportation Ideas

Keeping transportation to and from event locations headache-free is key for attracting attendees. Connecting event attendees with airline and train travel options can help eliminate much of the anxiety that often accompanies travel at longer distances. The benefits are even greater if attendees are travelling in large groups, where some travel companies can offer discounts.

Event goers will also often need help finding transportation while at the event itself. Many ride sharing companies and public transit agencies allow event organizers to provide travel vouchers for a certain number of trips.

Exciting Tourism, Leisure, and Dining Recommendations

Out of town attendees are going to want to experience the new city beyond the event itself. Leisure recommendations are also an exciting way to reconnect local event-goers with their home! Connecting people to restaurants, tourist hotspots, and other fun activities can help make a good experience at your event even better.

Restaurant and dining suggestions are especially essential – everyone has to eat! Food and drink are also a great way for people to foster connections. There’s no better way too continue the learning, creativity, and networking happening at an event than by continuing the conversation over dinner or drinks. When the event website directs people to the right places, you can be sure that your guests are having at great time both at the event venue and outside of it.

3. Visa and International Travel Assistance

International travel for events can become complicated. When travelling between certain countries, customs may require a visa to allow attendees into the country where the event will be hosted. Event planners can assist in making this process smooth and efficient by directing their attendees to the right resources right away, and by providing accurate timelines for how long processing is expected to take.

Accommodation Solutions

A major concern for out-of-town guests is figuring out where they are going to stay when attending an event. The search for accommodation can be complicated and stressful: no one wants to be comparing several different websites to find the best quality accommodations, at the best possible location. There are, however, options to simplify the whole process for event attendees.

Stay22 has a widget that can be embedded right into an event’s website or emails. which aggregates hotels, hostels, and AirBnb accommodations in the area onto one map. The solution allows event attendees to compare all lodging options on one map. With a few clicks, event-goes can be sure that they are getting exactly what they’re looking for, in the best location for them, and at the right price.

With the right amount of preparation and care for detail, event planners can ensure their attendees will have a great experience travelling for their event. With these four essentials on any event travel page, attendees will be prepared and excited to travel for your event, knowing that they are well taken care of.

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