2020 Trends to Watch Out for in the Event Industry

A new year has already begun and so many events are in the making for 2020. Are you aware of the latest trends in the event planning industry? From sustainability to emerging technologies, follow these five trends to help you focus and be successful this year. It’s a new decade happening after all!

Upping the Game of Eco-Friendly Events and Planning

In 2020, it is hard and almost impossible to pass over the fact that events need to be more eco-friendly. Say goodbye to plastic cups, cutlery and straws and welcome recyclable, compostable dishware and accessories.

There are plenty of easy ways to be more environmentally conscious, like switching to a digital ticketing system (if you haven’t done so already), supplying a water refill station, catering with local produce and donating leftovers (so many of them!) to charities in the neighbourhood. Also think of choosing venues and hotels that have great eco-friendly policies. Make sure to check out the offers near your event on Stay22!

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Obviously, the event planning industry itself relies on the heaviest CO₂ form of transportation: aviation. If attendees cannot use any other means to travel, have you thought of offering to compensate for emissions with carbon offsetting during the ticketing process?

Revolutionizing Location With Emerging Technologies

With the idea of travelling less by plane to events in mind, comes the good use of emerging technologies. Video conferences have been a convenience for ages but with the increasing popularity of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), your attendees can literally “be” anywhere. This novelty offers you unparalleled leverage! Take them to another country or a brand new office for a quick presentation or use their phones to have a guest of honour perform from anywhere abroad. Sky is the limit (and budget of course). Don’t forget to work with the best apps and emerging technologies for your events. Best Apps to Conquer the Event World.

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Stepping Up Behind-The-Scenes Security Practices

Security is not the first thing that comes to mind when we think of trends but with all that has been happening these past years, it should be top of mind when planning your event. The amount of information guests share, either on an app or website, from names, titles, emails, phone numbers and travel itineraries given at registration to dietary restrictions, all make room for hackers to get their hands on a gold mine.

Data privacy and cybersecurity should be on your list when organizing an event to avoid any unfortunate leak. Above the “unseen” security needed, proper identification of attendees should be taken as well throughout the entire event, not just at the beginning. Without being alarmist, it’s better to plan for the worst and hope for the best.

Getting Together for Business… And Wellness

You might have noticed these past years how the importance of physical and mental wellness became a centre hold for most modern companies. Make sure to integrate these into your event!

Avoid over-packing the schedule with back-to-back presentations and meetings. Include mindful activities (yoga, stretching, meditation) and breaks, and maybe even a “wellness” station with chair massages, smoothies and relaxing music.

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Standing Out Thanks to Personalization

Technology nowadays helps us learn more about our audience and event attendees. Use this to your advantage to send personalized content and resources to participants before they head out to you. Help organizers create a unique event schedule, tailored breakout sessions, or even an individual hyper-original map of the venue location and points of interest. The guests will feel you’ve tailored to their needs, you’re more attentive to what they are looking for, feel special and welcome. The Stay22 map on your event’s website can also help point out interesting restaurants and experiences in the area. Produce or seek out relevant articles that can inspire your attendees before the conference and utilize them to generate discussions during the event.

2020 is the start of a new era; make sure your next event is in the game. Follow these trends in the event industry and you’ll be certain to create outstanding memories for all participants to take home and share. Looking for more inspiration? Make sure to visit our blog for more useful tips in event planning and integrate our interactive map to your website to search, compare and book hotels and Airbnbs close to your event!