Stay22’s 2019 year in review

2019 was a big year for us; we set ambitious goals like $20 million in booking volume and $1 million in revenue, and we’re proud to say that by Dec. 31st 2019, we should have exceeded both. But as thrilled as we are, we’re even more excited about the memories we made and the milestones we met along the way.

Our mission is to create an accessible, well-connected world by simplifying travel booking for events, and the progress we made this year brings us one step closer. Our many achievements this year helped us grow as a team, allowing us to drive even more intelligent growth for our partners. Here’s how:

We expanded to over 57 countries:

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As of 2019, Stay22 has over 35 million bookable listings across 220 countries and territories. Whether for conferences, festivals or leisure, we’ve helped over 100,000 travelers find places to stay.

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Our approach is customer-centric, but you might be wondering who exactly uses our solution:

Increased conversions and more revenue for our partners:

We would not be where we are today without the 1,200 partners that use Stay22. Working together, we’ve generated over $500,000 in commissions for our partners and helped them achieve an average conversion rate of 8.0% - twice as much as last year. Here’s how the rates break down:

2019 Conversion Funnel Overview

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Over the course of the year, we added 377 new partners in 2019:

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Curious about how much revenue you could generate with Stay22? Use the Revenue Calculator to find out.

We passed some major milestones:

With the help of our partners, we were able to reach a handful of milestones ourselves, like generating more bookings in 3 12 months than we did in all of 2018!:

alt text

In 2019, we celebrated our third anniversary, drove over $20 million in booking volume and are about to clear our objective $1 million in revenue.

We also launched a new website which reduced our bounce rate by 18% and increased sign-ups by 13%. And as off early 2020, we’ll be able to introduce to partners our new dashboard.

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We even launched an entirely new travel feature to help customers book parking, restaurants, car rentals and experiences:

New Stay22 Travel Services

Marketing went well

  • Over 110% return on ad spends in marketing campaigns
  • 42 deals closed and 428% ROI in less than 4 months for our growth engine
  • We increased our engagement rate by 16% on social media

The team grew, too:

But enough about the company; none of this would have been possible without the minds behind the operation. After adding 7 new members in 2019, we’re now a team of 18. Key hires include our new VP engineering, Marketing Director and Sales Director.

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Over the course of the year, our team traveled to a number of events like the Web Summit, Intix, Phocuswright, VenueConnect, Ticketing Business Forum, and more.

Behind the scenes

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Like any growing startup, we love any tool or software that can help us work more efficiently:

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What clients had to say about us in 2019:

Stay22 was recognized by ticketing experts as the disruptor of the year!!!

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“It’s been the simplest, quickest integration we’ve experienced. We’ve got a pipeline just like any other software company - and we would have jumped the queue and implemented Stay22 a lot sooner had we known it could be done in less than half a day.” - Phill Picton, Business Development Manager, TICKETSOURCE

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“Stay22 is a partner of ours and we’ve integrated their booking tech into our event pages across the platform. Our users love the value it brought as an extension of our UI.” - Jon Ostrow, CRO, BANDSINTOWN

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What’s next for Stay22:

It’s been an exciting year at Stay22 but we’re just getting started. As we approach the new decade, you can expect more customer-centric services (like an itinerary solution), more partnerships and more opportunities for growth. As we position ourselves to go worldwide, our next goals are to double our team, reach 2,500 partners and generate $1.5M back to our partners.

Interested in jumping in? Being part of our rapidly-growing company? Joining an amazing team? We’re hiring.