Stay near!

Stay22 is a Montreal based startup that has developed a platform for users to search for places to stay around events and venues

Bring the metasearch to your users!

We make it easy for you to have your own Airbnb and Hotel booking solution directly embedded on your platform.

Event Organizers

For event organizers, we provide a free widget that curates listings around where your event is happening, easily embeddable on your own website, just like you would embed a YouTube video. Get started here.

Ticketing Platforms and Businesses

For others, we provide an easy to integrate wide scale distribution method with the help of our embeddable documentation along with a revenue share deal. Read more here.

Contact us

Thanks for using Stay22! We love to get feedback from our users. We promise to read your comments and if you include your email address we'll do our best to respond to any issues you might have. Either email us at [email protected] or use the navy blue form in the bottom right corner, or call us at Tel: 1 (800) 871-3928

Or you can reach us out individually:


Hamed, CEO


Andrew, COO

Work with us

We are looking for exceptional people to be part of our team. Imagine a creative, open and passionate environment filled with brilliant and experienced dudes (and dudettes) dedicated to redefining accommodation searching as we know it. If you're eager to make a change and be a pioneer in the event and travel industry, come join our world!

We prefer if you are residing in Montreal, QC, Canada but we don't mind having someone work remotely if you're a C++ Grandmaster or if you have a lambo in your garage in the Hollywood Hills.

How to Apply

If you know anything about sales, marketing, or business development, don't hesitate to apply! We're also looking for a designer and if you're great at JavaScript, there just might be a desk ready for you right about now..

If you're still reading, that probably means you're interested in meeting us. Fire an email at [email protected], we really love hearing that inbox notification sound. Tell us why this role is ideal for you and what makes you that special candidate we want. A portfolio never hurts either. Please don't send us CVs.